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What Is Good Food?

It’s food that’s good for your health, your family’s health, your community, and the environment ... and it’s most definitely delicious and inspiring. Good Food sounds so simple, but it can be difficult to find with today’s complex food system. That’s why Door to Door Organics wants to be your Good Food advocate. When selecting the freshest, highest quality organic and natural, local and seasonal foods we can deliver to you, we weigh many different attributes. Here are examples of questions we ask:

  1. Does this food support local family farms and the community?
  2. What distance will this food travel from the farm to your doorstep?
  3. Were the animals that produced this food humanely raised?
  4. Is this grocery item as minimally processed as possible?

As your advocate, we strive to buy directly from the farmer or producer. We also work to find food that is verified by third parties to provide an added level of assurance. By giving you as much product information as possible, we hope to simplify your healthy food decisions. Here are some food standards, labels, certifications, and terms we use to explore Good Food:

USDA Organic Local Sustainable
Seasonal Non-GMO Project Verified Non-GMO
All-Natural Certified Naturally Grown Natural Food Certifiers
Certified Gluten-Free Certified Vegan Hormone-Free
Antibiotic-Free Certified Humane Animal Welfare Approved
Food Alliance Certified Free Range Cage-Free
Grass-Fed Pastured Vegetarian Fed
Heritage Breed Marine Stewardship Certified Wild Caught
Fair Trade Certified Rainforest Alliance Certified Bird Friendly



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