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All About Door to Door Organics

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you guys do?

Door to Door Organics is a home, office and co-op delivery service of organic produce and groceries. We deliver year-round, bringing you the freshest organic produce and all-natural groceries directly to your door at competitive prices. We have close relationships with our farmer partners and we work around the clock to ensure that we bring you locally grown produce whenever it is available.

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How does the service work?

We spend significant time and energy to ensure that we create fruitful relationships with a diverse range of farmers to always bring the best organic product we can find, while also supporting the hard-working people that grow it for us. Our organic produce is USDA certified organic, and so good that we guarantee it.

To sign up for our service, customers pick their desired box size. These range from our Bitty with 4-5 fruit types and 5 vegetable varieties, up to our Large box with 7-8 fruit types and 9-10 vegetable varieties. Boxes are available in all-fruit and all-veggie combinations too.

  • The Bitty: Perfect starter box for the single cook, roommates, or a couple.
  • The Small: A good size for a couple that cooks, and might have a small child.
  • The Medium: Works for a hearty vegetarian couple, or a family with a couple of veggie and fruit minded children.
  • The Large: Should satisfy the needs of most any family, and if not you can always order more.

We set a seasonally-appropriate menu each week that can be customized. Customers receive a reminder email on the Friday before their delivery, letting them know what is in their box. Customers may then substitute items, change box sizes, add items, or put their order on hold any time prior to 12pm the day before their delivery. Orders are then delivered to whatever location customers choose on their scheduled day of delivery.

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Why should I choose Door to Door Organics?

Door to Door Organics knows that supporting local organic farmers and local businesses is good for the planet. Keeping business as local as possible also keeps our economy strong. We support our customers by providing the freshest organic produce available. We offer the convenience of delivery and customization, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed. We care about what you eat because we eat it too! In judging the character of our food we support quality, organic, all natural, fresh, simple, delicious and safe. We advocate for food we love and back all our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Is all the produce organic?

Yes! All of our produce is certified organic by the USDA.

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What does a USDA organic certification mean?

The USDA ensures that organic food has not been processed or grown using synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. It also means the food could not have been produced using genetic engineering, growth hormones, irradiation or antibiotics. Farms growing under the USDA label must maintain strict records of their farm's activities and are subject to regular and surprise inspections.

Farms must have been free of chemicals for three years before being certified, and must undergo many soil tests. Also, crops must be rotated, meaning the same crop is not grown on the same plot of land year after year. Please visit the USDA's National Organic Program website for more information.

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Is the produce local?

We love to support local farmers and deliver locally grown organic produce whenever it's available. We are always looking for new farms to partner with to supply our ever-growing list of customers. If there is a local organic farmer you think we should partner with, please let us know! Our goal is to create partnerships with growers that can supply a wide variety of the highest quality certified organic produce. We focus on local organic produce when possible because it is fresher, requires less fuel to transport and we get to support our neighbors, making it easier for them to support us. During the winter, we bring in wonderful organic items primarily from California, Arizona and Mexico.

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Do you only sell produce?

In addition to the freshest organic produce, we also carry a growing line of grocery items as well as a selection of organic meat, eggs, cheeses, wild caught fish and fresh baked artisan bread. An expanded product selection to include milk and items is coming soon.

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Do I have to commit to a subscription period?

Customers can choose between a weekly and an every other week subscription. However, there is no obligation and customers may cancel or put their account on hold or schedule a vacation hold for a predetermined set of time, at any time.

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Do I get to choose my menu each week?

We set a seasonally appropriate assortment each week that can be customized. Customers receive a reminder email on the Friday before their delivery, letting them know what is in their box. Customers may then substitute items, change box sizes, add items, or put their order on hold.

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Can orders be customized?

Absolutely! Our customers are allowed up to five substitutions per order. Don't like collards and would rather have apples? No problem. Customers can also set account preferences to accommodate allergies or items they simply don't want in their boxes. If you never want to see radishes in your box, we'll automatically swap them for something you like any time they're on the menu so you don't have to worry about it!

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Where do you deliver?

We deliver to many locations in Colorado. Check here to see if we deliver to your neighborhood.

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Can I pick my delivery day?

In many cases, yes. Depending on the area that your box is delivered to you may have up to 5 days of the week to choose from. To check out the available days for your area, log in to your account and head over to 'update profile' on the left hand nav bar. At the bottom of the profile page there'll be a drop down menu to select your days from. We do our best to deliver during business hours but with traffic, weather and numerous other factors we cannot guarantee delivery times.

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What if I'm not home when the produce comes?

No problem. When you sign-up, please let us know where to leave your produce if you are not home.

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Do you deliver to other locations besides homes?

Yes. We can deliver to your work, school, or any address within our delivery range. We cannot deliver to a P.O. Box.

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How long will the produce maintain its freshness if left outside?

If you have a spare cooler that you can set outside, that is the best place for us to leave your produce. During the winter a cooler will help protect your produce from frost. During the summer, we pack your produce on ice but a cooler will protect your produce from wilting. Tell us if there is a shaded place that you would like us to leave your box.

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How do Recurring Orders work?

Get your online grocery shopping done even faster & easier when you add staple items you buy every week to Recurring Orders. Then when your Weekly Order is created on Friday, these staples will automatically appear in your order. You'll see the Recurring Orders icon—a blue shopping cart with a curved arrow-on many staple products like milk, bread, eggs, bananas, yogurt, lettuce, and more. Click the icon to add these items to your Recurring Order. You can manage your Recurring Order on the My Subscriptions page.

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If I add a sale item to my Recurring Order, will I lock in that price?

Since prices on items may change weekly, you'll only get the item at the sale price when it's on sale. You always will be charged the week's current price for the product.

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I don't need an item in my Recurring Order this week, so can I change that?

Sure! Just go to your Order at left on the homepage, and click Edit Order. Then remove the item you don't need this week or adjust the quantity. That way it will remain in your Recurring Order for future weeks.

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How do I remove an item from my Recurring Order?

You can change your Recurring Order on the My Subscriptions page. Just click the "x" next to the product you want to remove and click Edit to change the quantity. Also, on the Shop product pages for items in your Recurring Order, you can click Edit My Recurring Order to remove the item from your current Weekly Order, as well as your Recurring Order.

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What if you are out of stock on an item in my Recurring Order?

We try to keep staple items in stock, but once in a while, we sell out. We'll let you know on delivery day with a sticker on your box. You will not be charged for any out-of-stock items.

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I don't see a Recurring Order icon on a product I buy each week. Can I still add that item?

Right now you can't add that product to your Recurring Order, but we're adding popular products all the time. Be on the lookout for the blue shopping cart icon appearing on your favorite foods. Feel free to let customer service know what additional items you'd like to see available for Recurring Orders so that we can make our buying teams aware of your request.

I just received dry ice with my order—what should I do with it?

When you order frozen food, we pack it with dry ice to keep it frozen. We safely store dry ice inside your box’s foam insulation, but please follow these safety instructions:

  • Do not handle this dry ice at all. You do not need to dispose of it since it will evaporate within a few hours.
  • Do not remove the dry ice. Keep it in the foam and just leave it all in the box that you can set out on your next delivery day so we can dispose of the empty ice bag and reuse packing materials.
  • Store box in a a well-ventilated area away from children and pets. If dry ice is still present, it will evaporate within a few hours.
  • Do not touch dry ice. It can burn skin and eyes.
  • Do not inhale vapors. This can cause dizziness and difficulty breathing.
  • Do not eat it. If ingested, please seek immediate medical attention.

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Does dry ice contribute to greenhouse gas emissions?

Dry ice is the frozen form of liquid carbon dioxide, or CO2. As it melts, it changes back into gaseous CO2. Dry ice's contribution to CO2 emissions is minimal, especially when compared to vehicles, which produce 30% of greenhouse emissions. By skipping trips to the store & getting groceries delivered, you’re reducing CO2 emissions by about half. At Door to Door Organics, the CO2 we help customers keep out of the air is equal to planting 1,080 trees or taking 23 cars off the road for a year.

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Why organic?

We believe organic food is better for our health and the health of the planet. Organic produce is grown without the use of harmful pesticides.

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How do I pay?

Payment is done via credit or debit card. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. Your card is charged the morning after your box has been delivered. But if your purchase exceeds $100, we may bill your credit card the day before your delivery arrives. 

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How long has your company been in business?

We have been around since 2005.

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How do we contact you?

Please refer to our Contact Us page. We'd love to hear from you!

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Where are you based?

We are located in Lafayette, Colorado.

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What is a co-op with Door to Door Organics?

A co-op is formed when four or more orders are going to one location, such as a home, school or office. Each person still has individual control over their box, such as what size they want and what substitutions they want to make. Each person simply picks up their box at the same location as their co-op buddies -- instead of having it delivered to their home.

Door to Door Organics currently offers two types of co-ops:

Community Co-ops are designed for groups of four or more friends, neighbors or co-workers that want to save money by having their orders delivered to one location. Each box is discounted by $3.00.

Fundraising Co-ops are also available for schools, non-profit organizations and religious institutions. A fundraising co-op functions the same as a Community co-op. However, instead of individual discounts, Door to Door tracks all monthly sales and donates 10% of each box sale to the school or organization. Donation checks are mailed to the school or organization on a monthly basis for as long as the co-op is active.

We want to make organic produce as accessible and affordable as possible, so please contact us for more information about sharing the benefits of organic food co-ops with friends, family and neighbors, or visit our co-op page for more details.

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What are the benefits of being in a co-op?

Organic food cooperatives offer people the opportunity to work together as a community to purchase organic foods in quantity, and closer to wholesale prices. In addition, co-ops offer people a place to come together and share in their values of healthy food, a healthy planet and the importance of community. We also want to give back to the schools and non-profits in your community. With a Fundraising co-op, you are giving back to your community every time you receive your order. Visit our co-op page for more details.

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Are all boxes in a co-op the same?

Definitely not. Each person can choose from four different box sizes. These boxes can be all fruit, all veggie or a combo of both. Each person can then make up to five substitutions if there is something in the box they do not want, or really do want, that week.

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How are payments made in a co-op?

Each person in a co-op has an individual account with Door to Door Organics. This allows each customer to have separate control of their payments, such as with changing credit cards or putting their service on hold when on vacation. Your credit card will be charged after you have received your box.

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How do I start a co-op?

When you have four or more people that want delicious organic produce, you are ready! You will each sign up here. Follow the steps for creating your account, such as choosing a password and selecting a box size. When you are asked to enter your delivery address, enter your personal address and then notify us or your co-op leader and we attach your account to the co-op. Being attached to a co-op will override your shipping info. The last step -- wait for your fresh, organic produces to arrive. We're not sure if it can get any easier than this!

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More co-op questions?

We are happy to meet with you in person or over the phone to help get a co-op stared with any group you are a part of, whether that be at your office, school, non-profit organization or neighborhood association. We can also provide an informational presentation at your next office gathering, PTA meeting, board meeting or any other gathering -- produce included of course! To get started, contact us.

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