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Meet Our Farmers & Artisans

We pride ourselves in partnering with the best organic farms and carrying only the highest quality 100% USDA Certified Organic fruits and vegetables. Of course, depending on the growing season, it's not always possible to find everything locally. After all, the most popular fruit of all is the banana, which is only grown commercially in tropical regions. So even though we're confident our portion of local and U.S. grown produce rivals anyone, we still like bananas, too.

We've added this little easy-to-spot flag Flag next to items grown in the U.S. and added farm information. We believe you deserve to know where your food comes from. We also connect you with our local artisan producers who supply us with the most delicious dairy foods, baked goods, meats, and other Good Food groceries we could find in our area.

  • Circle Fresh Farms

    Denver, CO |

    Circle Fresh Farms Website

    Circle Fresh Farms is a network of small, family-owned greenhouse farms in Colorado. This passionate group of growers employs hydroponic technology to offer local produce all year round, including organic tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, and more. This farm’s sustainable and innovative farming methods have picked up in popularity. They developed a Track and Trace System that lets people know when and where their food was harvested and where it traveled.

  • Dish Gourmet

    Boulder, Co |

    Dish Gourmet Website

    A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in New York and the former chef at Boulder's famed Flagstaff House restaurant, Brian Benham brings his culinary expertise to Door to Door Organics with fresh and inventive Dish Gourmet to-go meals. Benham partners with Colorado family farms to source ingredients locally and organically when possible. The meat found in their prepared dinners is all locally sourced from independent Colorado ranchers and then roasted in-house daily. Benham and his chefs at the Boulder restaurant crafted this line of delicious dinner entrees exclusively for Door to Door Organics customers.

    What do they make or grow? Prepared meals

  • Ela Famlly Farms

    Hotchkiss, CO |

    Learn more about Ela Famlly Farms

    Ela Family Farms is located on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains outside of Hotchkiss, Colorado and is dedicated to growing the best-tasting peaches, apples, pears, grapes and cherries around. Four generations of family farming experience have led to their quality fruit. Innovation, hard work, and a goal of excellence and honesty have made their family well known in the area. Their apples are crisp and flavorful, the pears and peaches are so juicy you’ll need a bib!

  • First Fruits

    Hotchkiss, CO |

    First Fruits Website

    The First Fruit Organic Farms are owned and operated by brothers Kris and Kevin Kropp. The Kropps decided to try organic farming with the inherent belief that the environment would be healthier for their children. Weeds were a major problem because they were using no chemical herbicides, but the fruits they produce are still some of the best around. What do they grow? Apples- Gala, Honeycrisp, Jonagold, Jonathan, Golden, Suncrisp, Empire, Rome, Fuji, Winesap, Goldrush & Granny Smith; Peaches- Red Globe, Red Haven, Elberta, Suncrest, Summer Lady and more; Sweet cherries; Apricots; and Pears- Bartlett, Red Bartlett, Anjou & Bosc.

  • Fossil Creek Farm

    Fort Collins, CO |

    Fossil Creek Farm Website

    Fossil Creek Farms is a certified organic farm growing a wide variety of crops. As stewards of the land, they are committed to growing their crops in an environmentally friendly way without the use of chemicals. Their farm is located just minutes from Fort Collins, Loveland, or Windsor on the edge of Fossil Creek Reservoir.

  • Full Circle Farms

    Longmont, CO |

    Full Circle Farms Website

    Everything can come full circle on the farm. That's what Dave Asbury believes. While tending his organic vegetable crops, he does everything possible to conserve resources and complete the 'input-output cycle' right there on the farm. To him that means using runoff water from nearby mountains and using drip irrigation techniques, keeping the soil fertile by rotating crops, and sourcing supplies locally to minimize fuel use. These efforts yield truly homegrown squash, cucumbers, bell peppers, zucchini and other veggies that are bright, crisp and delicious. What do they grow? Over 100 different varieties of certified organic vegetables from asparagus to zucchini!

  • Hazel Dell Mushrooms

    Fort Collins, CO |

    Hazel Dell Mushrooms Website

    Hazel Dell is Colorado's exotic mushroom farm, and provides 100% USDA certified organic mushrooms. What do they grow? Mushrooms of many varieties

  • Isabelle Farms

    Lafayette, CO |

    Isabelle Farms Website

    Isabelle Farm is owned and operated by Jason and Natalie Condon. They both come from farming backgrounds and always dreamed of owning our their piece of land where they could grow produce and raise animals sustainably. Their dream became reality in 2004, and they have been growing produce and flowers organically on our land in East Boulder County since 2005. Like many of us, Jason and Natalie don't want to live around, work around or eat chemicals, so they don't put them on the food they grow. Simple as that! In addition, they love the land and view it as our opportunity to leave a little corner of the world healthier and more biodiverse.

  • Lippis Farm

    Canon City, CO |

    Lippis Farm Website

    The Lippis Farm recently won the prestigious award for Colorado Conservationist Farmers of the Year and is a 100% certified organic farm. What do they grow? Green onions, Spinach, Radishes, Curly and Italian Parsley, Cilantro, Collards, Kale, Beets, Turnips, Rutabagas, All Summer Squash and four kinds of Winter Squash

    What do they make or grow? The Lippis Farm recently won the prestigious award for Colorado Conservationist Farmers of the Year and is a 100% certified organic farm. What do they grow? Green onions, Spinach, Radishes, Curly and Italian Parsley, Cilantro, Collards, Kale, Beets, Tu

  • Morning Fresh Dairy Farm

    Bellvue, CO |

    Morning Fresh Dairy Farm Website

    Since 1894, the Graves family has been running a dairy in the same location in Bellvue’s Pleasant Valley between Rist Canyon and Poudre Canyon, outside of Fort Collins. Morning Fresh Dairy's herd of 600 happy, healthy cows enjoy life on 450 acres of pesticide-free pasture and produce milk that meets high standards -- no hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, or GMOs. They grow their own alfalfa and grain to ensure the highest quality feed for their cows. They pasteurize and homogenize their 100% all-natural line of milk and cream that includes whole, 2% reduced fat, and skim milk half-gallons as well as half-and-half quarts. Morning Fresh Dairy's Farmer Rob Graves says his milk stays fresher and tastes better in reusable glass bottles. Try some to see for yourself!

  • Osage Gardens

    New Castle, CO |

    Osage Gardens Website

    Osage Gardens is a second generation family farm that has been dedicated to growing certified organic culinary herbs and produce since 1992. They are located on the Colorado River just west of New Castle, CO. They have 20 acres of organically certified land and just over 2 acres of organic herb and vegetable production under greenhouse cover. Osage Gardens is committed to providing the local community and greater Colorado region with a consistent year round supply of quality organic herbs and vegetables. They grow a full array of organic culinary herbs and a wide array of organic vegetables.

  • Quixotic Farming

    Cañon City, CO |

    Quixotic Farming Website

    Quixotic Farming raises tilapia in a humane environment where they swim freely without any chemicals and pollutants. Based in Cañon City, Colorado, this family-owned farm walks the environmental sustainability talk, recirculating and filtering all the water from the ponds to keep the H2O clean and the fish healthy. The fish are fed a certified-organic diet that contains no animal byproducts, hormones, antibiotics, or other chemicals. The farm is inspected and certified sustainable by the Institute of Marketecology and follows the standards set by Organic Land Management.

    What do they make or grow? Tilapia

  • Red Mountain Bakery

    Denver, CO

    Each loaf starts with the finest organic Colorado wheat and is baked fresh at Red Mountain Bakery in Denver the morning your box is packed. Our local baker, Francesco, hails from Italy so you can expect an old world European feel to each loaf of bread.

  • Rocky Mountain Herbs

    Denver, CO |

    Rocky Mountain Herbs Website

    Rocky Mountain Herbs opened its doors in Denver in August 2010 and provides organic herbs to local restaurants and now Door to Door Organics! Cooking with fresh organic herbs is one of our favorite parts of the family dinner routine – whether it’s roasting chicken with fresh rosemary and thyme or drizzling fresh snipped basil with olive oil and nesting it on a slice of mozzarella cheese and juicy tomato. They grow a variety of herbs including mint, thyme, basil and tarragon, just to name a few, year round at Welby Gardens. Welby gardens has been a family owned and operated business for over 60 years. They now have 20 acres of greenhouses and grow over 2,000 varieties.

  • Rogers Mesa Fruit

    Hotchkiss, CO |

    Rogers Mesa Fruit Website

    This collective of small family farms grows apples in the Western Colorado mountains that are nestled in a valley formed by the Gunnison River. The high altitude here ensures intense sunshine and a daily climate that can vary 40 degrees. Irrigating trees with snow-melt run-off produces some of the sweetest fruit possible, while fostering sustainable agriculture in the Rocky Mountains.

  • Strohauer Farms

    Lasalle, CO |

    Strohauer Farms Website

    Strohauer Farms is a third-generation family farm located in Northern Colorado. The farm is comprised of approximately 3,000 acres of corn, wheat, and various vegetables, including Strohauer Farm's famous specialty gourmet potatoes. Many dedicated employees, who have been working for the family for a number of years, make their operation as successful as it is today. Their family is dedicated to being good stewards of the land and is committed to producing the highest quality of produce possible for our customers. What do they grow? All kinds of potatoes, from fingerlings like Russian Banana and Rose Finn Apple to colorful varieties such as the Purple Peruvian.

  • Chestnut Charlie's

    Lawrence, KS |

    Chestnut Charlie's Website

    Charlie NovoGradac started planting chestnut trees in 1995 an old farm north of Lawrence, Kansas. Following organic practices from the start, the orchard has been certified organic annually since 1998. Charlie and his partner, Deborah Milks, are now experts at growing chestnuts organically and sustainably. Charlie grew up around wild black walnut trees in eastern Kansas and then was inspired by visionary economist J. Russell Smith, author of "Tree Crops: a Permanent Agriculture," to plant trees that could feed people. "The more we learn about modern petrochemical-based agriculture, the more convinced am I that tree crops offer a lifesaving, sustainable path to the future," says Chestnut Charlie.

    What do they make or grow? Chestnuts

  • Coke Farm

    San Juan Bautista, CA |

    Coke Farm Website

    Dale Coke began farming organically 32 years ago. He was a local pioneer in the industry and remains committed to organic sustainable agriculture. His farm has been certified organic since 1981. When Dale started farming organically it was not a mainstream industry or a popular method. It was more of a trial and error. Coke Farms believes in the idea of a healthful lifestyle which includes sustainable organic agriculture, no dangerous chemicals, and a healthy environment for employees. They grow everything from Akane Apples to Zebra tomatoes and a little everything in between.

  • Devine Organics

    Fresno, CA

    Devine Organics Farms is owned and operated by partners Don Devine and Dave Wood. In 1997 they realized the importance of all natural, chemical-free produce and became a certified organic farm by California Certified Organic Farmers. Understanding the importance of quality, all natural fruits and vegetables, they hand pick their organic crops to bring their freshness to your table. They grow: Asparagus, Blueberries, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Celery, Garlic, Green Beans, Onions, Sweet Corn and a variety of melons.

  • Doreva Produce

    Livingston, CA |

    Doreva Produce Website

    Doreva offers a full line of yams and sweet potatoes. Doreva grows garnet, red, beauegard and oriental yams as well as the hannah and golden sweets. Doreva Produce is certified free of chemicals and other harmful residues, and the organic yams and sweet potatoes are all natural. Doreva's seed program works very closely with UC Davis plant breeders and USDA to ensure our yams and sweet potatoes are free from any deformities, abnormalities and have good shape and color. This year they started their "greenhouse program" which we hope will bring new varities into the market and better, stronger, longer lasting potatoes.

  • Fairfield Farm

    Pauma Valley, CA

    For over 50 years, Fairfield Farms has been dedicated to growing quality citrus and avocados. Bill and Carol Steed fell in love with Pauma Valley, made career changes and jumped into farming almost 10 years ago and have never looked back. Approaching farming with passion, they converted Fairfield Farms to organic and planted Blueberries.

  • John Givens Farm

    Santa Barbara, CA |

    John Givens Farm Website

    John started farming on one acre in 1980 and became certified organic in ‘84. He saved his money and the following year leased a second acre. He saved more money, leased and bought more land, and now they farm around 170 acres covering 30 miles along the Santa Barbara coast. The excellent weather allows them to grow all year around, and the fact that they have the same core crew working there for over twenty years. They grow: Leafy Greens (Kales, Chards), Lettuces, Cukes, Carrots, Beans, Onions, Leeks, Peas, Melons, Strawberries, Winter and Summer squashes, Tomatoes, Romas, Ch Toms, Heirloom Tomatoes.

  • Kern Ridge Growers

    Arvin, CA

    Kern Ridge Growers are located in Arvin, CA and have been family owned and operated since the 1970’s. Their dedication to high quality produce really sets them apart. They grow organic carrots.

  • Lakeside Organic Gardens

    Watsonville, CA |

    Lakeside Organic Gardens Website

    Lakeside Organic Gardens has been growing organically since 2001. Farmer Dick Peixoto started farming in high school in 1975 and was “bit” by the organic bug in 1996. By 2001, he transitioned his farm and soil to 100% certified organic. They grow in three different areas in California: Watsonville, Imperial Valley, and Oxnard. They grow everything from arugula to zucchini and pretty much everything in between. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Chinese cabbages, chards, dandelions, fennel, kale, lettuces, parsley, radishes, spinach, winter squash, and more.

  • Monterey Mushrooms

    Monterey, CA

    Monterey Mushrooms is second generation, family-owned and operated farm with a passion for excellence in all they do. Monterey is proud to be a good steward of the environment. Monterey’s sustained commitment to food safety and continuous product innovation has been rewarded with strong brand loyalty and recognition from consumers for over three decades. What do they grow: mushrooms!

  • Organic Girl

    Salinas Valley, CA |

    Organic Girl Website

    OrganicGirl is a small group of women and men in California's fertile Salinas Valley who want to offer the best organic produce ever offered. From the beginning, OrganicGirl made the commitment that they were going to do things differently, or it wasn't worth doing it at all. They try to live up to that commitment everyday by diversifying their growing into many different organic microclimates and farmer partners, inspecting and rejecting greens in the field when they do not meet the OrganicGirl standards, triple-washing their salads, and using earth-friendly 100% recycled and recyclable packaging. They grow: Baby arugula, Baby spinach, Baby spring mix, Romaine Hearts, Baby chard, Baby tat soi, Green onions, and Celery hearts.

  • Organic Valley

    LaFarge, WI |

    Organic Valley Website

    Did you know that Organic Valley Family of Farms is the largest organic farmer-owned cooperative in North America? Being a cooperative means that the farm families that produce Organic Valley's brown eggs and dairy products, as well as certified organic meat products are the direct owners of the business. From the time they began, with only seven farmers, to the present with over 548 farmer members in fourteen states, their farmers have been directly involved in every decision. When enjoying an Organic Valley product you can be assured that you are purchasing the finest organic products available and of their commitment to humane animal treatment, and the stewardship of the environment. They strive to safeguard our critically important natural resources - soil, air, and water - and to protect and preserve biodiversity.

    What do they make or grow? Did you know that Organic Valley Family of Farms is the largest organic farmer-owned cooperative in North America? Being a cooperative means that the farm families that produce Organic Valley's brown eggs and dairy products, as well as certified organic m

  • Patagonia Orchards

    Rio Rico, AZ

    Patagonia Orchards is an organic grower, packer and shipper based in Rio Rico, Arizona. We ship premium organic fruits grown in Arizona and Mexico to wholesalers and retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada. We partner with over 15 organic growers, many of whom have been growing organically for more than two decades. What do they grow? Tropicals (Papayas, Pineapples & Young Coconuts), Apples (Gala, Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Pink Lady), Citrus (Oranges, Grapefruit, Lemon & Limes), Tomatoes (TOVs, Beefsteaks, Grape Tomatoes), Hard & Soft Squash, Pole Cucumbers

  • South Tex Organics

    Mission, TX |

    South Tex Organics Website

    Dennis Holbrook grew up in a citrus and row crop farming family. After returning from Texas A&M University, and again joining the family business, he purchased the family citrus operation from his father in 1977. He soon became disappointed with and concerned about conventional farming pratices. Thus, South Tex Organics was established in 1984. Starting with 60 acres, South Tex Organics now harvests from more than 500 certified acres. What do they grow: grapefruit, oranges and lemons

  • Stehly Farms

    Valley Center, CA |

    Stehly Farms Website

    Stehly Farms Organics is a small, family owned company that grows, packs, and distributes certified organic avocados, citrus and berries nation-wide. As third-generation California farmers, the Stehly brothers love farming and are proud to provide consumers with the best tasting organic produce available. Located in Valley Center, CA, Stehly Farms Organics is both owned and operated by brothers Jerome & Noel Stehly. SFO harvests thousands of acres across northern San Diego County, including a 300-acre ranch which has been farmed by the Stehly (pronounced Stay-lee) family since their father purchased the land over 45 years ago. As third-generation California farmers, the Stehly brothers love farming and are proud to provide consumers with the best tasting organic produce available.

  • Stemilt Growers

    Wenatchee, WA |

    Stemilt Growers Website

    The Stemilt family has been farming apples, pears, and cherries in eastern Washington since the early 1900’s. In fact, they still have orchards located on the same grounds that their ancestors homesteaded back in 1893. For their family, growing fruit is a passion that continues through the fifth generation.

  • Twin Girls Farm (Orchards)

    Yettem, CA |

    Twin Girls Farm (Orchards) Website

    Named for his twin girls (left), Ignacio Sanchez's Twin Girls label graces a year round selection of fruit grown in the San Joaquin Valley. Known to us as Nacho, Ignacio produces QAI certified navel oranges, mandarins, plums, peaches, pluots, kiwi, persimmons, and pomegranates. In addition to his relationship with Pacific Organic, Nacho also sells through farmers' markets. You can meet Nacho at the Saturday Market here in San Francisco. Ignacio studied agriculture at Fresno State and went on to become an agriculture extension agent before putting his broad base of skills to work in his own fields.

  • Wholesum Family Farms, Inc.

    Nogales, AZ |

    Wholesum Family Farms, Inc. Website

    Wholesum Family Farms is a third-generation family farm that has grown safe, wholesome food for 80 years. The family pioneer, Miguel Crisantes Gatzionis, migrated from Greece to Mexico in the 1920s. Don Miguel started farming in Sinaloa, Mexico in 1930. His son, Theojary Crisantes, became an organic farming pioneer in Sinaloa. He saw a need for a more natural way of agriculture that would benefit the land as much as the produce growing on it. Their first farm became certified organic in 1991 and their second in 2002. They strive to practice sustainability in all parts of their operation; farming practices and business practices. Theojary believes that organic farming is good for the people that work the land, it helps protect the health of the consumer and helps provide a future environment that is better than the one we have today. They grow tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, bell peppers, zucchini, acorn squash, kabocha squash and mangoes.

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