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The Door To Door Organics Box

How to pick the right one for you

Our most popular choice is The Bitty Box. It's the perfect starter box for the single cook, roommates, or a couple.

Next up is The Small Box, a good size for a couple that cooks and might have a small child.

Then you could move up to The Medium Box, which works best for a hearty vegetarian couple or a family with some veggie- and fruit-loving children.

The biggest of them all is The Large Box, which should satisfy the needs of most any family, and if not you can always order more. Also perfect when you're planning a get-together.

You can always change your order size, so try a few different sizes to see what works best for you and your family. With all sizes, you can choose between a mix of certified-organic veggies and fruit, veggies only or fruit only.

Curious what's in a box? Choose one of the box sizes above to see its contents in greater detail.

Add grocery items from the Door To Door Organics Shop

You can also shop for high quality, organic items and have them added to your box!


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